About our beginnings

                 Letter from our uncle Bob

Dear Nick,

     I hope this letter finds you and yours in good health and high spirits.  This is the history of Fatdaddy's  homemade jerky.  
     In 1989 my wife and I moved to Montana.  I went to work driving truck for a concrete company.  All the people I worked with were avid big game hunters.  That first hunting season I bought my tags and joined in the hunt.  We all filled our tags.  As I was a journeyman meat cutter, they wanted me to cut there meat.  After the steaks and roasts were cut there was allot of trim left for hamburger.  
     I thought I would try to make some jerky.  I talked it over with my wife Margie and we decided to give it a try.  We experimented with allot of different spices until we came up with what is known today as original bar-b-q.  It was such a big hit that all our friends brought there meat to us to cut and make jerky.  
     Since then we have made jerky out of all kinds of meat, including elk, deer, moose, buffalo, geese, duck, and of course beef.  We also make four flavors B-B-Q, Pepper, Teriyaki, Cajun.
     We are family owned and operated.  My wife Margie, two daughter Shantel, Betty, and me Fatdaddy Bob Starkey in Montana.  My nephew Nick Major, his wife Susan, two sons Nick and Kenny in Arizona. 

      always yours,

      Fatdaddy Uncle Bob

Since this letter My aunt and Uncle are no longer with us but will always be in our hearts.